Traffic Tickets + Milkweed

Let’s talk about creations. Sigh. So I got this extremely trivial traffic ticket earlier this year. I’m contesting the exorbitant fine ($345) for such a minimal crime of not noticing the stupid sign… Continue reading

Pinterest + Broken Dreams + Satan

I like Pinterest. So I go on it. And feel warm and fuzzy, when I pin things like this: I get to feeling like I actually DID a good deed. Then, it hits… Continue reading

Story Time + Napoleon

I have a short but very sweetalicious story for you. Yesterday, someone was all like: Yeah, I’m gonna buy this:   And then I was all like: The End.   xoxo Susan King… Continue reading

Etsy Listing of the Week + Woodland Creatures + Stupid Beauty Trends

Oh, heavens, it’s Monday. It’s a beautiful Monday. A Monday full of possibility, sunshine, and stupid people. Speaking of stupid people, you’ll never guess what I found in my email inbox this morning.… Continue reading

Ferrari-Carano + Vampires + Saruman + Pretties

Well hey there! It’s Friday. Woo! I’m excited, howzabout you? I’ve tentatively made Friday “tell-people-about-a-cool-affordable-place-to-have-fun-in-Sonoma-County-day”. Perhaps not the catchiest title, but you get the idea. So. Ferrari-Carano. Fancy sounding. Expensive sounding. Certainly can… Continue reading