Oh, hey there! A little about me, you say? Well, in short, I’m a born and raised Northern Californian with a penchant for all things Art, in particular photography. When I’m not art-ing, I’m hunting down delicious Gluten-Free recipes, learning herb lore, and getting outdoors.

Most of my work revolves around a love of magical forests and mysterious seas, and seeks to capture in a unique way the beauty that surrounds us, if only we care to look closely and with care. The subjects are mostly botanicals with a few farm animals and Homo Sapiens thrown into the mix. I invite you to check out my Etsy shop, and take a look around! I love plants, and have just a picked up herbal medicine making as a hobby, you will see bits of what I concoct (both art and remedies) here and there!

I also have a passion for creating good food, and just a couple months ago found out I am intolerant to Gluten. It was mildly devastating at first, but now it’s become a sort of challenge, and I hope to share my victories and discoveries with you!

Enjoy exploring, and I hope to see you again soon!


All images are Copyright 2012, and are for personal use only.