Etsy Listing of the Week + Woodland Creatures + Stupid Beauty Trends

Oh, heavens, it’s Monday. It’s a beautiful Monday. A Monday full of possibility, sunshine, and stupid people.

Speaking of stupid people, you’ll never guess what I found in my email inbox this morning. Or rather, what I was graced with. Living Social was kind enough to offer me a deal of REAL MINK EYELASH EXTENSIONS, for only 200 dollars! Normally 450 DOLLARS. Goody! Whattadeal! They assured me that “long, lovely lashes are always in vogue. Whether you’re channeling ’70s starlets or cutting-edge fashionistas, full, flirty eyelashes are always a beauty boon.”

Thank heavens. I was afraid that attaching hair off of a glorified weasel to my face might be… out-vogue. Or a beauty bust. I’m not sure which is worse. *shudder*

In case you are having a hard time comprehending how stupid this is, perhaps some visual aids may be useful.

Somehow, somewhere, a series of humans took a look at this:

 And thought: Mmmmm. Look at that fur. I see…I see…I see some major eyelash potential there.

Then eventually this little bundle of fuzz turned into this:

“What the eff? Is that weasel hair on my eye?”

Let’s go over this one more time.

From this:

“Eeeps! I hopes dee peeplz don’t catches me!

To This:

“I am such a beauty boon right now. Oh god. My vogueness. It slays me.”




Anyhoo. Moving on to the part where I shamelessly promote myself.

I would like to prove that though I generally try to not kill cute fuzzy things in my ridiculousness, I do partake in many weird and frivolous activities. One such activity was wrapping my obliging friend’s head in lace and making art with her gorgeous face.

Meet Miss Holly:

No, those lashes are not from fuzzy animals, but indestructible synthetics. Yay!

So, go say hi to Miss Holly in my Etsy Shop, and take a moment to peek at the other moments of weirdness for sale there. Like this one, for instance.

And please, I’m feeling kind of alone in this–does anyone else think mink eyelashes are absolutely ridiculous, like, the bad kind of ridiculous?