Ferrari-Carano + Vampires + Saruman + Pretties

Well hey there! It’s Friday. Woo! I’m excited, howzabout you?

I’ve tentatively made Friday “tell-people-about-a-cool-affordable-place-to-have-fun-in-Sonoma-County-day”. Perhaps not the catchiest title, but you get the idea.


Ferrari-Carano. Fancy sounding. Expensive sounding. Certainly can be. But does not have to be. It’s a winery in Dry Creek Valley with a FABULOUS Zen-inspired garden full of fantastic blooms, a cute bridge, and a GAZEBO. I LOVE GAZEBOS. As a matter of fact, when I was a wee one, my dad and I made up a song about said structure, and the lyrics were as follows, in a round: “Gazebo, Zamboni, Gazebo, Zamboni, gazebozambonigazebozambonigazebozamboni…” et cetera, et cetera. Anyway, so back to being fancy for free. This place also has a Tuscan style veranda looking out over the vineyards, a rad tasting room, and if you go down some very Transylvania-esque stairs, you’ll find a “double-vaulted wine cellar with Austrian cobblestone floor and the Enoteca Lounge…”. In case you are wondering, Enoteca sounds super intriguing and sexy, but literally means “wine repository”. Admittedly less sexy. Good call, Mr. Ferrari. Or Mr. Carano. I’m not sure who made that call.

If you are fan of photographing pretty buildings, Wine Country scenes, roses, flowers in general, visiting places that wish they were in Italy, or rubbing the nose of bronze boars, then you are in luck. Oh, and of course if you are someone who digs tasting, you can sip four wines for 5 bucks upstairs, 15 bucks down in Dracula’s repository. Be warned, in The Den, there are always gorgeous women in maxi dresses (somehow not looking pregnant) and expensive looking sandals who curled their hair. I’m pretty sure they’re vampires, too.

One more thing. If none of that intrigues you, then I challenge you to go and find Saruman’s seeing stone. Because it’s totally in the garden.

Here are some pretties from the garden:


Lavender Rose