Pinterest + Broken Dreams + Satan

I like Pinterest. So I go on it. And feel warm and fuzzy, when I pin things like this:

I get to feeling like I actually DID a good deed.

Then, it hits me. No, I just sat on my butt and—

Before the thought can be completed, then I get all inspired by things like this:

and I’m like “YEAH! HELL YEAH! I’m going to DO STUFF and get all fit and what not!!!!” and before I have a chance to lift a single dumbbell, this catches my eye…

And I’m like, yeah, After I do 10,000 crunches and run a marathon, I’m going to DIY ALL NIGHT LONG so my home–and then I remember that I live in a tiny bedroom at my parent’s house and am currently begging my friend to let me move into his grandpa’s garage. But before I can get to morose about that, the worst of it all happens. I see crap like this:

And then it gets downright embarrassing. Am I engaged? No. Do I have an army of slaves to punch heart shaped holes into birch tree candle holders? No. Do I have an ENTIRE ALBUM entitled Wedding Thoughts? Uhhhh….maybe. You don’t even want to know what album this is in:


my point is, Pinterest is the harbringer of broken dreams, the ultimate deceiver. Like Satan. After three hours, I am a happily married DIY goddess with washboard abs (even though I’m pregnant) who loves nothing more than doing good deeds to make the world a better place.

Speaking of Satan, take a look at this:

Now I’m hilarious and forward thinking as well.

Aaaaannndd…IT’S OVER!