Traffic Tickets + Milkweed

Let’s talk about creations.

Sigh. So I got this extremely trivial traffic ticket earlier this year. I’m contesting the exorbitant fine ($345) for such a minimal crime of not noticing the stupid sign that said “Do not turn left between the hours of Q and 7, if you’re best friend’s middle name starts with P, you are wearing green or if you dare enjoy your freedom”….or something like that…I wasn’t paying attention, I was instead focusing on not HITTING the people in the crosswalk and wondering why the person behind kept friendly honking (they were warning me about the sneaky cop hiding in the shadows. Anyway, all of this led me to some creative activity:

Diagram 1: Intersection upon my Arrival

Diagram 2: The Trangsression
(note the cop in shadow)

While I wasn’t spending waaaaayyy too much time and effort on illustrations of proof for the court on the triviality of my recent sins, I was making these:

Woot! Woodland Flowers! click on the photo to visit my shop!

Did you know milkweed was poisonous? ‘Cause I did.

The End.